The Relationship between Patient's Duration of Indonesian Asthma Gymnastics in Persahabatan Hospital Asthma Club, Indonesia, with the Post-Exercise Peak Expiratory Flow Rate

Irsa Gagah Himantoko, Faisal Yunus, Elisna Syahruddin, Fariz Nurwidya


Introduction: Indonesian Asthma Gymnastics (IAG) is a modified exercise that is intended for asthmatic patients to improve their breath pattern to become more controlled and healthy. This study was conducted to determine whether IAG triggers exercise-induced asthma (EIA), whether the duration of following IAG affect the value of peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) post-exercise, and the effect of age, gender, smoking history, and BMI on PEFR value post-exercise.

Methodology: A Total of 24 subjects who had performed IAG for at least 1 month, were measured their PEFR values before and after performing IAG using a peak flow meter. Information regarding age, gender, and smoking history was obtained from the interview. While height and weight, to determine body mass index (BMI), were obtained through direct examination.

Results: All subjects were spared from EIA may be because they have performed the IAG for at least one month. However, a longer period of IAG does not make the post-exercise peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) to be better (p = 0.447) but keeps lung function optimally. Furthermore, age and gender have no effect on post-exercise PEFR if their respective roles are assessed individually (p = 0.698; 0.721; respectively). In addition, former smokers who have long quit smoking, their previous smoking history no longer affect the value of post-exercise PEFR (p = 0.310). Lastly, increased BMI is not associated with decreased the post-exercise PEFR (p = 0.707).

Conclusion: IAG does not trigger EIA in asthmatic patient. The addition of duration of joining IAG does not improve the post-exercise PEFR. Age and gender are interrelated in affecting post-exercise PEFR. Smoking history of people who have long quit smoking and increased BMI does not affect post-exercise PEFR.


peak expiratory flow rate; Indonesian asthma gymnastics; exercise-induced asthma

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