Prevalence of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders in Patients with Asthma at Mardan Medical Complex

Sajjad Ali, Ali Mufti Ali Mufti, Ejaz Gul Ejaz Gul, Amjad Ali, Muslim Khan, Nadia Naveen, Pirzada Muhammad Muneeb


Background: Bronchial asthma is a chronic lung disease and can affect psychological state due to its impact on the general activities of patients.

Objective: This study is aimed at evaluating the prevalence of anxiety and depression disorders in asthma patients presenting to the Mardan medical complex.

Methodology: This trial was conducted in MMC Teaching Hospital, Mardan, based on the data collection technique a cross-sectional survey method was used for three months. This was a joint study conducted in the outpatient department of Pulmonology and Psychiatry. 100 Male and female participants registered at OPD for treatment were selected. Clinically instruments included Pulmonary Function Test, Asthma Control Test to assess the severity of asthma. The two scales including the Hamilton anxiety rating scale to examine the level of anxiety in asthmatic patients and Hamilton depression rating scale was used to assess levels of depression in asthmatic patients.

Results: Out of 100 patients 50% were males and 50% were females. The mean age was 38.60 (+ 14.18) years. on the basis of duration about 1/3 (33%) had duration of illness less than one year, about 1/3 (31%) had a duration of illness 2 to 3 years and 1/3 (36%) had a duration of illness more than three years. A total of 53% were on irregular treatment. Most of them (57%) had no comorbid medical diseases, however, hypertension was the most common comorbid disease. Majority of them (62%) had a family history of Asthma. The occurrence of Depressive disorder and Anxiety symptoms among patients suffering from Asthma shows that 91% of patients had depression, off these majority of them (33%) had extreme depression followed by severe 24% and moderate 19%. Similarly, 86% of patients had anxiety, of these majority, had severe 45% followed by moderate 33%. The results show that there is no significant mean difference between male and female asthmatic patients in terms of depression and anxiety (p>0.05).

Conclusion: Asthmatic patients are prone to develop anxiety and depression and needed to addressed properly along with the treatment of asthma.


Psychiatric Issues; Asthma; Mardan; Pakistan

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