Aims and Scope

The Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine (PJCM) proudly serves as the official journal of the Pakistan Chest Society. Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of pulmonology and lung health, with a special focus on the clinical aspects of these fields within Pakistan and other developing countries.

PJCM is dedicated to disseminating high-quality research and knowledge in the domain of pulmonology and lung health. Our journal provides a platform for the publication of original articles, comprehensive reviews, and informative case reports. We are committed to promoting lung health and facilitating tuberculosis control programs, addressing crucial healthcare issues in underserved communities.

Key Areas of Focus:

Clinical Aspects of Pulmonology: PJCM welcomes research and insights into the clinical aspects of pulmonology, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, and management of respiratory conditions.

Community Aspects of Lung Health: We emphasize the significance of community-based approaches to lung health, with a particular emphasis on the unique challenges faced in Pakistan and other developing nations.

Tuberculosis Control: We encourage contributions that shed light on innovative programs and strategies aimed at tuberculosis control, crucial for the health of our communities.

Promotion of Lung Health: PJCM actively supports research and initiatives focused on the promotion of lung health, aiming to enhance public awareness and well-being.

Public Health-Related Issues: We are open to articles exploring the broader public health aspects of lung health, including epidemiological studies and intervention strategies.

At PJCM, we believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential for addressing the diverse challenges related to pulmonology and lung health. Our journal is committed to creating a platform where researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals can come together to exchange ideas and insights, ultimately contributing to improved respiratory health for all.

We invite you to submit your work to PJCM and be a part of our mission to advance pulmonology and lung health in Pakistan and beyond.