Allegations of Misconduct

Publishing a manuscript in the Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine (PJCM) establishes a foundation of trust between the author and the publisher. Authors are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of research ethics and to exercise the utmost caution to prevent any unethical practices. However, there are occasions when these precautions may be unintentionally or intentionally overlooked. In such instances, if allegations of ethical breaches are reported by anyone or identified by the editorial team, the journal reserves the right to refer these cases to our Research Integrity Panel for a thorough investigation.

The PJCM Research Integrity Panel is comprised of the Editor-in-Chief, two senior members from the editorial team, and coopted members chosen for their expertise in the specific area related to the manuscript submitted for publication. The committee will engage in a comprehensive deliberation to determine the most appropriate actions to ensure that justice is upheld. In this context, authors will be provided with the opportunity to present their explanations and address any allegations raised against their manuscript.

The ultimate decision, whether to rectify the record in accordance with the committee's findings or maintain it unchanged in the absence of substantiated allegations, will align with the committee's judgment. This procedural framework is firmly established in accordance with the policies and principles of our journal, Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine (PJCM).