Article Processing Charges (APCs)

At the Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine (PJCM), we are dedicated to advancing the field of chest medicine and making high-quality research accessible to all. We understand that the financial burden of publishing research can be a concern for many authors. To support and encourage the dissemination of vital research in the field of chest medicine, we are pleased to announce that we do not charge any Article Processing Charges (APC) for article publication.

What this means for you:

No Financial Barriers: We believe that your research deserves to be shared with the world without any financial obstacles. By eliminating APCs, we make it easier for authors to publish their work.

Inclusivity: We are committed to providing an inclusive platform that welcomes authors from all backgrounds and affiliations. Everyone has a chance to contribute to the field of chest medicine.

Open Access: Your research will be freely accessible to healthcare professionals, researchers, and the public, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Peer-Reviewed Excellence: Despite our zero APC policy, we maintain rigorous peer-review standards to ensure that published research maintains high quality and credibility.

Choose the Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine for your research and be part of our mission to advance the field of chest medicine while eliminating the financial burden of publication fees.

Submit your groundbreaking research to the Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine today and help us in our commitment to advancing the field of chest medicine without the hindrance of publication charges.

Join us in our dedication to the field and in creating a more inclusive and accessible platform for authors. We look forward to working with you to disseminate your valuable contributions to the chest medicine community and beyond.