Peer Review Policy

PJCM is a peer-reviewed journal. All articles on receipt for publication are immediately acknowledged but that does not imply acceptance for publication. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed for originality, relevance, statistical methods, significance, adequacy of documentation, reader interest, and composition. Manuscript not submitted according to the instructions will be returned to the author for correction prior to beginning the peer review process. 

The process for manuscript publication potential involves several key steps:

  1. Editorial Review: When a manuscript is submitted for publication, it undergoes an initial editorial review. If it meets the criteria of quality, novelty, and relevance for publication, it proceeds to the next stage.
  2. Peer Review: The manuscript accepted in the initial step is sent to two subject experts for peer review. These reviewers evaluate the suitability of the article for publication. Each reviewer is given a minimum of 4 weeks to thoroughly review the manuscript and provide suggestions to the editor.
  3. Reviewer Reminders: In case a reviewer fails to complete the review within the stipulated time, the editor sends a reminder, granting an additional 4 weeks for the review to be completed.
  4. Alternate Reviewers: If a reviewer is unable to meet the agreed-upon deadline or declines to review the manuscript, it will be sent to another reviewer.
  5. Rapid Review System: Editors have established a system for rapid review, especially for important manuscripts. This may involve review only by editors or requesting reviewers to provide evaluations within a shorter time frame than the standard review process. Authors seeking rapid review should explain why their manuscripts merit this expedited process.
  6. Final Decision: While reviewers provide recommendations regarding acceptance, revision, or rejection of manuscripts, the final decision rests with the editor. The editors consider the recommendations made by the reviewers but make the ultimate decision.
  7. Author Feedback: Authors receive feedback and suggestions for their manuscript. They are granted a two-week period to make corrections as recommended by the reviewers. Authors are also asked to submit a detailed cover letter addressing the issues pointed out by the reviewers, providing a point-by-point response explaining the corrections made or reasons for not making them.
  8. Acceptance for Publication: If the manuscript is found satisfactory by both authors and editors, it will be accepted for publication in the upcoming issue. The editor may make necessary amendments to align the article with the journal's formatting requirements.
  9. Expert Panel: The journal has a panel of experts with diverse knowledge and perspectives. The peer review process includes a blind peer review followed by a peer review.

This process ensures a thorough and rigorous evaluation of manuscripts before they are accepted for publication in the journal.