Plagirism Policy

Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine (PJCM) regards plagiarism as a very serious act. Plagiarism is defined as, “the use of someone other work as if this were your own original work without the approval of the owner”.

PJCM follows the authorship guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) present at the official website of ICMJE i.e. ( PJCM also follows the standard international definition and description of plagiarism and according to the guidelines provided by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (

Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine assigns equal responsibility of plagiarism-free manuscript to all authors whose names appear on the manuscript. When submitting a manuscript, it is the requirement of the Journal to submit a signed statement from all authors accepting this responsibility.

By submitting Author(s) certify that:

  • All authors are submitting that plagiarism is unethical and wrong
  • All authors have knowledge about plagiarism, that this is a type of unethical work by using someone other’s idea or published research work of another person without the original owner knowledge and to pretend that it is my own work.
  • All authors must acknowledge any other source or information of another person and also must reference with the original citation.
  • All authors must sign the certificate mentioned that they are solely responsible for any incomplete reference that may remain in their work.

Anti-plagiarism declaration:

I/We have read and understood the PJCM rules regarding their plagiarism policy. I/We hereby declare that the present research work and the submitted article are the results of my own independent scholarly work and that all such material that is related to the work of others is acknowledged, and paraphrases are clearly indicated. No material other than that listed has been used. I/We also clarify that the present work has not previously or not yet been published in any other journal.

In case of confirmation of plagiarism on an already published article, the Editor has the right to withdraw the article from the journal website.