Questionnaire study of self reported asthma triggers: A Case Series of East – Mediterranean Syrian Patients

Yousser Mohammad, Debra Myers


Setting: Initial evaluation of asthmatic males and females, fourteen years and older at the Tishreen University Department of Internal Medicine outpatient clinic.
Objectives: Asthma triggers are defined as factors reported by the patient to cause attacks or exacerbation. We speculated that it would be useful to track a pattern for triggers in our country. We anticipated the pattern would enable us to improve our care of asthmatics, enrich our asthma education program and enhance the curriculum
of medical students.
Methods: A questionnaire was administered prospectively by the same chest
physician. Spontaneous and subsequent directed answers were recorded. The
percentage of patients affected by each trigger was calculated.
Results: Environmental tobacco smoke and household dust were common reported triggers. Narguileh side-stream smoke and seasonal sandstorm dusts were specific regional triggers.


Asthma triggers; Environmental tobacco smoke; Narguileh; Common triggers; Particular triggers.

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