Sultan Ahmed Abdullah


In the absence of data on TUBERCULOSIS in Pakistan all kinds of tall claims can be made by the optimists. The disease however remains rampent. On top of this is ever-rising multi-drug re-sistance which is of our own doing. Case notes of 253 patients (130 males and 123 Females) consecu-tively diagnosed as Tuberculosis (181 Pulmonary and 72 extra-pulmonary) during the period. (31.05.97 to 31.11.97) were examined to compare the data with the published work from the department in 1989 and 1995. 75.88% patient belonged to age between 16 to 55 years compared to 85.46% between 10-49 years in published data. Direct-smear positivity was at 10.49% compared to 12.6%. 77.33% of the patients presented with moderate to advanced lesions com-pared to 72.9% in the previous data. The percentage of new cases was 74.03% compared to 63.7%. Com-pliance at six, nine and twelve months had dropped to 28.85%, 18.97% and 18.97% compared to 58.02%, 43.37% and 39.96% respectively in data published in 1989. Cure rate however improved to 93.14%, in com-parison to 81.28% in those who complied with treat-ment. Adequate management of an individual patient found actively or passively is an important factor in the control of tuberculosis. This factor seems to have worsened. Unless serious efforts are made to im-prove management of a diagnosed patient, dream of T.B. free Pakistan is far fetched.


TB; Pakistan.

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