Prevelance of HIV Infection among the Tuberculosis Patients in Larkana

Riaz Husain Shah, Naveed Inayat, Muzaffar Ali Khooharo, Shakir Qayoom, Mehtab Akhtar


Objective: To determine the prevalence of HIV infection among the tuberculosis patient in Larkana.

Background & Method: The prevalence of HIV Co-infection among the TB is amajor health problem worldwide. The HIV and tuberculosis are deadly combinations.They are for more destructive together, then either disease alone. This is theretrospective study was conducted between April 2008 to June 2015 at TB DOTSClinic, Department of Pulmonology Chandka Medical College Hospital / Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, Larkana.

Results: Of a total 5822 registered tuberculosis patients, 5030 (86.30%) patients were screened by rapid HIV antibody test. A total 81 (1.61%) found to be reactive on rapid test. Out of 81 which were reactive on rapid test, 74 (1.47%) patients were HIV positive by ELISA. Of whom 69 (93.2%) male and 5(6.7%) were female. The prevalence of HIV was higher among Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis patients (3.49%) and in male gender (2.20%).

Conclusion:  This study suggested that prevalence of HIV among the tuberculosis patients in Larkana is higher than the reported from other sentinel sites of Sindh Pakistan in 2012.


HIV,Tuberculosis, Co-infection; Prevalence; Larkana.

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