Frequency of Coal Worker Pneumoconiosis in patients presented to Chest Out Patients Department

Fazli Maula, Ghazala Naz, Muhammad Ghassan


Background: For some time it was observed in practice that patients were coming with chest symptoms to our outpatient department having coal mine working history. So we decided to look scientifically into this problem in our area.

Objective: To find out the frequency of coal worker pneumoconiosis in
patients presenting to chestOPD(Outpatient's Department).

Methodology: This was a prospective descriptive study conducted in Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching hospital Bannu from 1stApril 2012 to 31st December 2016. All the medical doctors were requested to send all the patients for assessment to pulmonology (chest) outpatient department (OPD) presenting with coal mine working history. After complete history, thorough examination chest x-rays, pulmonary function tests (PFTS) and High resolution computed tomography (HRCT), they were excluded or included in the study using a selfadministered proforma. Actual prevalence study was not found nationally, so population sample was difficult to calculate. Analysis was done using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version 17.

Results: A total of 223 male patients, age range 26-67 years with 07 to 27 years coal mine working history were interviewed, examined, chest x-rays, PFTSs and HRCT were done. Out of them 142 (63.67%) were found to have coal worker pneumoconiosis and 81(36.32%) had no findings. Among these 223 patients 134 (60.08%) had findings on chest x-rays and 89 (39.91%) had normal X- rays. PFT,s were abnormal in 157 (70.40%) patients having restrictive, obstructive or mixed pattern and 66 (29.59%) had normal spirometry. HRCT findings were seen in 142 (63.67%) patients and had normal HRCTin 81(36.32%) patients.

Conclusion: Although the total magnitude of disease burden remains
somewhat uncertain, what is known about the state of coal miner health in the Pakistan is troubling. Our results starkly emphasize the need for improved dust control measures and the continuing importance of active health surveillance for Pakistani coal miners. They also need compensation properly.


Coal worker Pneumoconiosis; Coal Mines; Pulmonary Functions Tests

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